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Recent Update for Photoshop CS4

The new 35.2MB multiple language update, 11.0.1, was released on February 24 and includes a number of fixes for the performance issues that have long been plaguing users. In addition Wacom pen users my now find life easier with corrections to pen barrel rotation problems when using their digital tablets. Also included in the list is a fix for the long standing bug which would cause Photoshop to crash when attempting to preview a corrupted font as well as another bug that would cause Photoshop to crash when pasting formatted text from a word processing document or web site. Here is a list of the most significant fixes in this update:

  • Some performance issues have been corrected
  • Wacom pen integration has been improved
  • Photoshop now recognizes 3D textures from add-ins
  • Some layer quality issues have been resolved
  • Crashes resulting from corrupt fonts have been addressed
  • Crashes while pasting pre-formatted text from an outside source have been addressed

Unfortunately, this update does not address issues with older video cards lacking OpenGL 2.0 compatibility. These computers are unable to make use of several of Photoshop’s new key features, so hopefully the next update will fix this issue.

This patch can be directly downloaded from the Adobe site here.

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