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Lenstag – helping protect your kit since 2013

LenstagBeing expensive, portable and highly resalable, your Camera gear is mighty attractive to thieves. Lenstag goes some way towards minimizing the ease with which stolen kit can be sold on. It’s a free service that just might reunite a treasured lens or body with it’s rightful owner.

A simple registration process – name & email,  and you’re ready to list the individual items in your camera bag and upload a picture of the serial number as proof or ownership. This is verified by a human and you’re done. Then if the worst happens… you mark items as stolen and Lenstag will create a google indexed listing that will appear in search results should the serial number be searched for. This will go a significant way to making the selling on of stolen gear via auction sites etc just a little bit harder, the developer hopes to one day adapt this system for incorporating into Police databases  – indeed the Finnish police have already endorsed Lenstag unprompted.

So if you haven’t already…  it’s time to Lenstag you gear!!

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