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Latest release Fluid Mask 3.0.6 for Win and Mac available

We have made the following fixes available on Fluid Mask 3.0.6

Mac OS:

* MacOS Leopard

Mac version now uses Leopard installation technology. Since Mac OS Leopard was released we identified some incompatibility issues which have been fixed in Fluid Mask 3.0.6.

* “Repeated” prompt for registration cured

Some users reported that they repeatedly had to activate Fluid Mask 3 again with their serial key on the same machine as before. A change in our licensing will cure this problem – users who experienced this please download the update from the usual location or use the “Check for updates” option under “Help” in Fluid Mask 3.


* We added a few other minor tweaks to the way the full version of Fluid Mask 3 is installed on Windows Vista. Users who had trouble when installing as admin, but used Fluid Mask 3 without admin rights should definitely download the update.

All platforms:

* New trial period

Some users of the trial version didn’t get the chance to test Fluid Mask 3 before their trial was expired. Fluid Mask 3.0.6 will now provide a fresh trial period of 14 days

* Change of serial key format

The format of our serial keys has changed – the ‘#’ sign is no longer used at the end of the key, and we’ve added a new prefix at the beginning of the key. Please note that existing registered customers do not need to worry about this change unless instructed by our support team.

* Can save tiff as .tiff as well as .tif

The stand-alone version of Fluid Mask 3 can now save .tiff as well as .tif files on both Mac and Win now.

* Minor tweaks

Textual changes in error reports and manual registration requests for more efficient support

Fixed causes for crashes that were reported


Important Update Installation Instruction:

1. Do _not_ uninstall your current version of Fluid Mask 3. The update will replace your current version automatically.

2. Go to the Fluid Mask download page (look up your order confirmation e-mail – it’s the same link) and choose the Mac or Windows version of Fluid Mask 3.0.6 for download. If you can’t find the link please do contact our support team at

3. When the download is complete please do close all programs (especially Photoshop) before running the installation.

4. Double click the downloaded file to start the installation. Click “OK” in case see a warning message that “a version of Fluid Mask 3 is already installed”.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

6. Done!


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