Image gallery

Here are just some examples of the complex cutouts Fluid Mask can help you acheive, submitted by users and created in-house. Click an image to view high res, mouse hover for before/after.

Wedding Fisheye - Before

Wedding Fisheye - After
Palm trees - Before

Palm trees - After
Beach Huts - Before

Beach Huts - After
Train Smoke - Before

Train Smoke - After
Autumn Leaves - Before

Autumn Leaves - After
Wedding Veil - Before

Wedding Veil - After
Smoke Cutout - Before

Smoke Cutout - After
Pylon - Before

Pylon - After
Peacock Cuout - Before

Peacock Cuout - After
Motobike - Before

Motobike - After
Lobelia - Before

Lobelia - After
Light House - Before

Light House - After
Jumping Girl - Before

Jumping Girl - After
Hair Masking - Before

Hair Masking - After
Hair Cut Out - Before

Hair Cut Out - After
Girl On Phone - Before

Girl On Phone - After
Country Road - Before

Country Road - After
Bride Cutout - Before

Bride Cutout - After
Blonde Girl - Before

Blonde Girl - After
Bird On Wire - Before

Bird On Wire - After


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