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Fluid Mask Now Available for iPad

 Sleek New Design
Key features of the desktop build,

in a user interface designed for iPad.

Cross Platform Compatible
Save work in progress as a (.vfmp) project file

and switch between desktop and tablet masking.

Optimised for iPad
Image processing improvements to

make masking faster and easier.

       $4.99 Time Limited Introductory Price

A cutout from start to finish


How do I switch between desktop and tablet masking?

Save your work in progress as a Fluid Mask project file (.vfmp) to switch between desktop and tablet masking. Link your DropBox account or import via email, airdrop or any other file sharing solution.

My Object Edges or Mask are not visible in the Workspace

To see your Object Edges, ensure the ‘Show Edges’ toggle in the toolbar is on. The paintbrush tools will flood fill an entire region, whether your object edges are toggled on or off.  If your red & green mask overlay is not visible in the workspace, open up the preferences pane and increase the opacity of your mask using the Mask Opacity slider. By default this is set to 70% which is good for many images, but adjust this setting according to the colors and contrast in your image.

How can I get further support?

Please send us an email to: We’re here 5 days a week and

aim to respond to all support requests within 48hrs.

My mask looks jagged, and/or there’s background still showing on my cutout

In common with all masking applications, Fluid Mask works better when your image has a clean background to isolate your subject from, of course real world situations mean this is not always possible. Below are a few tips to obtain best results, you can also refer to our tutorials above for further guidance.

– Edge blending works best when there are clean selections of Keep and Delete mask. If the wrong selections are made and there is some mask “bleed” over an edge then the algorithms become confused and blending goes wrong. Make sure your selections of Keep and Delete mask are free from contamination. Make small adjustments to Keep and Delete masks to improve blending, checking your mask in the ‘Cutout’ window as you go.

– Edge blending happens within the Blend Mask (blue) area – or where there is no mask (if Keep and Delete masks are not present, iFM assigns that area to Blend Mask). If this area is not wide enough such as around edges with fur, then blending will appear contaminated with background colors.


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