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Make Your Pictures Pop and Move

If you’re a Mac user and like to make your pictures pop (and move!), then check this out. Developed in conjunction with HDR guru Trey Ratcliff, Aurora is one of the better dedicated dynamic range editors on the market. It’s worth watching the HDR for Black & White and HDR for Portraits tutorials and downloading the free trial to try it for yourself. When used subtly, it’s a technique that can be applied to more than just landscapes and interiors.

Sunglasses an optional extra 😎

Our jury’s still out on .gif style animated images. With the rise of video content, isn’t it time photographs (literally) moved with the times.?. Or do you you lose the essence of a photograph, a moment frozen in time, in doing so. A more pragmatic view would be there’s room for both, and if you’re producing images for commercial online content, the combination of an ideal sky (using Fluid Mask of course!), some added zing with Aurora, and then adding movement with Plotagraph is undoubtedly going to win you clients. Decide for yourself – this deal gives you a 3 month membership.

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