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Fluid Mask, Photoshop and macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra IconMost of the changes made when upgrading to High Sierra are under the hood. A major change is to the file system used (from HFS+ to HPFS), and this means that the current Mac build of Fluid Mask (version 3.3.16 and earlier) will not plug into Photoshop  – you’ll see a ‘file not found’ dialogue box when attempting to call Fluid Mask from the filters menu.

We will shortly be updating Fluid Mask to plug in seamlessly, as previously, but in the meantime here’s a workaround. If you’re running OS High Sierra and want to use Fluid Mask as a plug-in to Photoshop, please take the following simple steps to maintain compatibility:

– Firstly please ensure neither Fluid Mask or Photoshop is running.

– Download and unzip this file, a Unix executable called ‘Fluid Mask 3’.

– Then navigate to your applications folder and right click (ctrl-click) on ’Fluid Mask 3.app’ and select ‘Show Package Contents’ from the context menu that appears. This will bring up a finder window with a folder contained named ‘Contents’. Select this folder, then the sub-folder called ‘MacOS’, then right click (ctrl-click) on the file contained in there called Fluid Mask 3.plugin. Again you will see a folder called ‘Contents’, then another sub folder called ‘MacOS’.

– Drop the Unix executable file you’ve just downloaded into that MacOS folder. A Mac system warning will appear advising “ An older item named “Fluid Mask 3” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the newer one you’re moving?’ – please select ‘Replace’. 

**Please note that updating this file means Fluid Mask will no longer plug into Photoshop into older versions of MacOS. If there’s a chance you’ll be reverting back from High Sierra to a previous operating system, please first copy and save the original file out of the MacOS folder so you can reinstall it there if needed**

So to recap, the path is: Macintosh HD/Applications/Fluid Mask 3.app (ctrl-click to ‘show package contents) /Contents/MacOS/Fluid Mask 3.plugin (ctrl-click to ‘show package contents) /Contents/MacOS 

**Please be aware for the above path, you need to ctrl-click twice, navigating through two sets of ‘Contents’ and ‘MacOS’ folders**

– Then you need to delete the plug-in aliases Photoshop has previously stored. In your applications folder, click on the Photoshop version(s) folder that you wish to plug into and select the ‘Plug-ins’ sub folder. Delete any folder named ‘Vertus’ or Fluid Mask 3.plugin alias you find contained there.

– Now launch Fluid Mask as a free standing application, and go through the process of linking Fluid Mask to Photoshop again. A reminder on the process to so this:

From Fluid Mask’s menu bar, select, ‘Help’ , then ‘Enable Plug-Ins’. The version(s) of Photoshop you have installed and wish to plug into should be listed. Ensure the check box is ticked and hit ‘Enable Photoshop Plug-in’.  When prompted, enter your administrator password. If your version of Phtoshop is not listed, please navigate manually to it’s ‘Plug-ins’ folder, as per the path listed above when you previously deleted old plug-in link.

Quit Fluid Mask and launch Photoshop, Fluid Mask should now be accesible via the Filter menu again.

If you have any problems, please contact our support team.




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