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Fluid Mask and a Humming Bird

Here’s a photo of a humming bird taking nectar from a flower. Nice and sharp with a long lens ensuring a shallow depth of field and a high shutter speed to freeze the wings. The masking task is made easier by the contrasting colours in the foreground and colour blending in the background. As you can see this was shot outdoors on a bright sunny day, which means that some light reflections and colouring may make it tricky to cut the flower and bird from their background. By increasing the amount of edges and reducing the edge width in Fluid Mask, this problem is easily resolved.


The next image (below) shows how the photograph should look once the background is masked out. The background colour was created using the swatch in Fluid Mask. The use of colour here prevents any visual confustion regarding the reflections, which creep on to the subject matter.


If you can achieve these great results, just think what else you can do when you start incorporating more interesting backgrounds and creating complicated cut outs!

Posted on March 22, 2010 pm31 5:12 pm

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