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Fluid Mask 3.0.2 is ready for download

Latest Fluid Mask Update – Out Now!

Phew! We have been busy since the initial launch of Fluid Mask 3, the response has been fantastic – thank you! We are now very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fluid Mask 3.0.2

The following is a list of improvements:

  • Performance of preview feature in Patches is improved
  • Loading a .vfmp file (Vertus Fluid Mask Project file) did cause trouble on Windows – this has been fixed.
  • Some users had trouble installing Fluid Mask 3 as a plug-in and couldn’t see it in the menu > Filter > Vertus in CS2 or CS3. Fixed!
  • The speed when loading a CMYK images or 16-bit images is now much faster in Photoshop plug-in mode on Windows.
  • Adobe Elements required a manual installation. It will now be listed as an option in the installation process if you have Adobe Elements installed.
  • “+”, “=” and “-” have been added as zoom shortcuts.
  • Hair matting and blending has been improved further.
  • The auto-blend mask will no longer be added between adjoining areas of the same mask.


If you’re new to Fluid Mask 3 Go Here
For existing Fluid Mask 3 user updates Go Here

Looking forward to seeing you online…

The Support Team

Posted on August 20, 2007 am31 9:46 am


Comments (2)

  1. Robert A F de Voort Reply

    October 16, 2007 at 12:16 am

    Perhaps may I offer a suggestion, when choosing a background colour for the cut out it can be transparency or a color as selected. Is it possible to create an eyedropper? Sometimes I have to clearcut and match against a scanned or existing photo.

    An eye dropper would be ideal to match backgrounds.

    Any idea if this is possible? Great if this could be part of an update…

    I am now setting up a little gallery of examples for my future clients to work/show/tutor with in the studio, this program is a dream machine….

  2. Steve Reply

    October 30, 2007 at 11:56 am

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your comment and suggestions. I think the idea of introducing an eyedropper tool to replicate the intended background is a great idea.

    Basically we log and categorize customer suggestions and when planning starts for a new version we assess the new features to introduce.

    Hopefully we can work your one in 😉

    All the best

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