Fluid Mask 3 is awarded 4.5 stars by MacWorld.com - VertusTech

Fluid Mask 3 is awarded 4.5 stars by MacWorld.com

We are delighted to announce our recent review on www.MacWorld.com

Here is an excerpt:

“Fluid Mask does an excellent job of isolating and cutting out objects that have high contrast or sharp edges from an image background. But the product really shines in difficult situations where foregrounds and backgrounds are similar, or where objects have soft, unfocused edges. Fluid Mask analyzes an image and creates outlines at the edges of areas with distinct color and texture, breaking the image into regions that you can choose to keep or to delete. It also blends image edges to avoid artificial-looking, hard-edged cut-outs. The initial edge analysis occurs automatically and without noticeable delay.”

To read more on the www.MacWorld.com review by Jan Kabili click here>> 

Posted on October 30, 2007 pm31 12:18 pm

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