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Fluid Mask 3 – Highly Recommended

Posted by:
Jason Busch
16 August 2007
on DigitalDingus.com

Fluid Mask 3 is one of the best graphics editing programs I’ve used this year. It simply takes the labor out of editing images where a replacement background is needed. While Photoshop does an ok job at removing backgrounds with its Magic Wand tool, it is no match for Fluid Mask 3. In areas where Edge Blending has occurred, FL3 does a spectacular job of dealing with this very difficult issue.

I recommend a dual-core processor system for this application, however, I used FM3 on DD PC #1 just to see how it would run, and didn’t experience any problems except for the predictable slower processing times. FM3 is very stable.


Vertus has also created one of the best electronic manuals I’ve set my eyes on. Full color images, not the cheap black and white which I’ve experienced in several electronic manuals over the years. Color images are essential to a complete learning experience for a graphics program, and Vertus has impressed me.

Fluid Mask 3 also has a collection of recently uploaded tutorials which can not only be viewed online, but downloaded for later viewing at your own leisure.

One of the more difficult tasks in image editing has now been minimized, thanks to Vertus. Fluid Mask 3 welcomes the toughest images you have and will surprise you with its simple interface and will amaze you with its results.

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