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New Fluid Mask for Mac build available

We have released a new build of Fluid Mask for Mac, version 3.3.16. This fixes an issue that affected users running Sierra 10.12.2 or later, which caused mask overlay colours not to load correctly. Please launch your current version of Fluid Mask and via the help menu, go to ‘Check for Updates’ to be directed to the download page for this update.

Please do not use any third party software to uninstall your old version, as this may cause you to lose licensing info’ and you’ll need to re-enter your license activation code. Instead,  allow the install process to overwrite your old build, ( Mac OS also gives you the option of keeping both).

If you have experienced this issue, once you have updated to the new build, it may be necessary to restore the color defaults. Please launch v3.3.16 and in the Menu Bar go to ‘Fluid Mask 3’ -> ‘Preferences…’ . This will bring up the Workspace Settings pane. Click on the ‘Colors’ tab, and hit ‘Restore Defaults’. This step is only necessary once, your color preferences will then be retained for subsequent sessions.


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Vertus Applications & Mac OS Sierra

macos-sierra**UPDATE  – please see our latest blog post regarding OS Sierra 10.12.2 or later. A new version of Fluid Mask for Mac (v3.3.16) is now available. This fixes an issue that caused mask overlay color preferences not to load correctly **

For Mac users who are updating to OS Sierra, no update of your Vertus software is needed, all Vertus applications function as normal in Apple’s latest OS.

If you’re concerned that other applications you rely on may not function correctly in the Sierra environment, here’s an easy to follow Apple Support post with instructions on how to save a backup of your current operating system as a bootable installer to a USB flash drive or other media, just in case you find that you want to revert back to El Capitan, Yosemite, or whatever you’re currently running.


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Fluid Mask 3.3.14 released – adds CC2015 compatibility for Windows users and more

Now available for all Fluid Mask users is version 3.3.14.  The major changes are to the Windows build, adding Photoshop CC2015 and Serif Photoplus X8 compatibility. Below is a full list of changes and additions made. If you wish to update, and it’s recommended that all users do so, you can download the new version by launching Fluid Mask and going to ‘check for updates’ via ‘help’ in Fluid Mask’s menu bar.

Fluid Mask 3.3.14 Change Log


– Added Photoshop CC2015 plugin compatibility.

– Added Serif Photoplus X8 compatibility.

– Fixed bug where for some users, Fluid Mask crashed instantly upon launch.

– Extended free trial period from 15 days to 30.


– Added Apple Developer code signing certificate.  

– Extended free trial period from 15 days to 30.


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Adobe Hacked – Time to change your password

“Adobe’s security team recently discovered sophisticated attacks on our network, involving the illegal access of customer information as well as source code for numerous Adobe products”.  Read more on the adobe blog and change your password here.



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New Fluid Mask Tutorial Online, now mobile & tablet friendly

After feedback from our users, we’ve switched all our tutorials from .flv (flash) format to hosted on youtube. This allow you to view them on your mobile or tablet devices, keeping your desktop screen free for masking :). Please subscribe to our youtube channel if you’d like to be kept up to date with new content –  we’ve recently added a new tutorial – working with the Forced Edge tool, and there’ll be more fresh content coming soon!

Fluid Mask 3 Tutorial - Working With The Forced Edge Tool

Fluid Mask 3 Tutorial – Working With The Forced Edge Tool

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Hey Norton! Vertus software is virus & spyware free!!

We’ve recently had several customers contact us reporting that Norton Internet Security and other Symantec products are blocking or quarantining download or install of Vertus software, after the recent updates to all our products.

Firstly, we’d like to assure all customers that our products are 100% guaranteed free of viruses, spy and malware!

If you’re using Norton or any other Symantec products and are experiencing difficulties, we recommend simply disabling their software whilst downloading and installing Vertus products, or click here for instructions how to restore a file from quarantine.

We’re not the only independent specialist software vendor being affected by this issue, which has arisen since Symantec added another detection system to their products: “WS.Reputation.1.” As the name suggests, this system works based on reputation, or as they call it, the “wisdom of crowds”. Essentially, if enough of their user database has this software installed, then it’s reputation is deemed as ‘good’

Trouble is, in practice, if we release a new update, then nobody has that installed yet, so it can’t be given a good reputation, based on the ‘wisdom’ of the crowd. So Symantec’s anti-virus software blocks it, so nobody can install it, so the reputation stays low which means Symantec keep blocking it, so nobody can install it…

We’re working with Symantec to resolve this problem, and Vertus users can help the process by white flagging our software, releasing from Symantec/Norton quarantine will also help the process.

We thank you for your patience on behalf of Symantec!!



Fluid Mask 3 Update Released

A free update is available for all Fluid Mask users, version 3.2.5. You can download this here.

This version fixes a CS6 compatibility issue that prevented 64bit PC users from installing Fluid Mask as a Photoshop CS6 plug-in, and automates the process for all users, and ensures Windows8 compatibility.

Show Object Edges. After feedback from our Fluid Mask User Questionnaire, ‘show object edges’ now remains in its user defined state when switching between source/workspace/cutout, rather than defaulting to ‘on’. You can manually switch on or off by ticking or unticking the box, or use the shortcut, Function Key F2. Please note upon initial launch, you may find this box unticked, so you need to turn it on to see your object edges (with current Edge Finding settings). The User Questionnaire is ongoing, and we welcome any feedback from our customers to better understand your needs for future product development.

Aspects of our licencing structure are also updated. Please note that upon the initial install, some customers may need to contact for a one time licence reset, or follow the automated update instructions provided by Nalpeiron, our licensing provider. If your computer is not connected to the internet, you will also need to follow the instructions for manual license activation. Go to ‘Help’ -> ‘License..’ -> ‘Advanced Options’ in the Fluid Mask toolbar, click the ‘Manual License Activation’ tab and follow the instructions there.

Should you experience any problems please contact our support department.

A Very Happy Holidays from all at Vertus HQ!!

Fluid Mask User Questionnaire


To help us better understand our customers needs for future product development, we’re inviting all Fluid Mask users to participate in our user questionnaire.
Tell us what’s good and what’s bad about Fluid Mask.  Tell us what your ideal Fluid Mask would do!
There’s 7 short questions and it shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to complete and your feedback would be invaluable.

You can find the Fluid Mask user questionnaire here ,  and we thank you in advance for participating!!


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Recent Update for Photoshop CS4

The new 35.2MB multiple language update, 11.0.1, was released on February 24 and includes a number of fixes for the performance issues that have long been plaguing users. In addition Wacom pen users my now find life easier with corrections to pen barrel rotation problems when using their digital tablets. Also included in the list is a fix for the long standing bug which would cause Photoshop to crash when attempting to preview a corrupted font as well as another bug that would cause Photoshop to crash when pasting formatted text from a word processing document or web site. Here is a list of the most significant fixes in this update:

  • Some performance issues have been corrected
  • Wacom pen integration has been improved
  • Photoshop now recognizes 3D textures from add-ins
  • Some layer quality issues have been resolved
  • Crashes resulting from corrupt fonts have been addressed
  • Crashes while pasting pre-formatted text from an outside source have been addressed

Unfortunately, this update does not address issues with older video cards lacking OpenGL 2.0 compatibility. These computers are unable to make use of several of Photoshop’s new key features, so hopefully the next update will fix this issue.

This patch can be directly downloaded from the Adobe site here.

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Latest release Fluid Mask 3.0.6 for Win and Mac available

We have made the following fixes available on Fluid Mask 3.0.6

Mac OS:

* MacOS Leopard

Mac version now uses Leopard installation technology. Since Mac OS Leopard was released we identified some incompatibility issues which have been fixed in Fluid Mask 3.0.6.

* “Repeated” prompt for registration cured

Some users reported that they repeatedly had to activate Fluid Mask 3 again with their serial key on the same machine as before. A change in our licensing will cure this problem – users who experienced this please download the update from the usual location or use the “Check for updates” option under “Help” in Fluid Mask 3.


* We added a few other minor tweaks to the way the full version of Fluid Mask 3 is installed on Windows Vista. Users who had trouble when installing as admin, but used Fluid Mask 3 without admin rights should definitely download the update.

All platforms:

* New trial period

Some users of the trial version didn’t get the chance to test Fluid Mask 3 before their trial was expired. Fluid Mask 3.0.6 will now provide a fresh trial period of 14 days

* Change of serial key format

The format of our serial keys has changed – the ‘#’ sign is no longer used at the end of the key, and we’ve added a new prefix at the beginning of the key. Please note that existing registered customers do not need to worry about this change unless instructed by our support team.

* Can save tiff as .tiff as well as .tif

The stand-alone version of Fluid Mask 3 can now save .tiff as well as .tif files on both Mac and Win now.

* Minor tweaks

Textual changes in error reports and manual registration requests for more efficient support

Fixed causes for crashes that were reported


Important Update Installation Instruction:

1. Do _not_ uninstall your current version of Fluid Mask 3. The update will replace your current version automatically.

2. Go to the Fluid Mask download page (look up your order confirmation e-mail – it’s the same link) and choose the Mac or Windows version of Fluid Mask 3.0.6 for download. If you can’t find the link please do contact our support team at

3. When the download is complete please do close all programs (especially Photoshop) before running the installation.

4. Double click the downloaded file to start the installation. Click “OK” in case see a warning message that “a version of Fluid Mask 3 is already installed”.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

6. Done!


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