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New Fluid Mask for Mac build available

We have released a new build of Fluid Mask for Mac, version 3.3.16. This fixes an issue that affected users running Sierra 10.12.2 or later, which caused mask overlay colours not to load correctly. Please launch your current version of Fluid Mask and via the help menu, go to ‘Check for Updates’ to be directed to the download page for this update.

Please do not use any third party software to uninstall your old version, as this may cause you to lose licensing info’ and you’ll need to re-enter your license activation code. Instead,  allow the install process to overwrite your old build, ( Mac OS also gives you the option of keeping both).

If you have experienced this issue, once you have updated to the new build, it may be necessary to restore the color defaults. Please launch v3.3.16 and in the Menu Bar go to ‘Fluid Mask 3’ -> ‘Preferences…’ . This will bring up the Workspace Settings pane. Click on the ‘Colors’ tab, and hit ‘Restore Defaults’. This step is only necessary once, your color preferences will then be retained for subsequent sessions.


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Vertus Applications & Mac OS Sierra

macos-sierra**UPDATE  – please see our latest blog post regarding OS Sierra 10.12.2 or later. A new version of Fluid Mask for Mac (v3.3.16) is now available. This fixes an issue that caused mask overlay color preferences not to load correctly **

For Mac users who are updating to OS Sierra, no update of your Vertus software is needed, all Vertus applications function as normal in Apple’s latest OS.

If you’re concerned that other applications you rely on may not function correctly in the Sierra environment, here’s an easy to follow Apple Support post with instructions on how to save a backup of your current operating system as a bootable installer to a USB flash drive or other media, just in case you find that you want to revert back to El Capitan, Yosemite, or whatever you’re currently running.


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Blending, Brushes & Edge Finding Overview

Here’s a 3 min cutout of a bride and her veil that gives you a good overview of the functionality of brushes and blending settings – the nuts and bolts of masking technique.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 15.53.43

Top tip: The #1 cause of a poor quality mask showing some background contamination is not extending your blue blend mask fully into both your green keep and your red delete mask. Turning up the mask opacity slider can quickly show you any areas that need attention using the blue blend exact brush.

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Our Top Retouched Images

Sometimes they can be funny, sometimes thought provoking, other times they just mess with your mind. They’ll always take your breath away though and make you wonder at the skills of the people that created them. The following images are our favourite manipulated images. If you’ve seen better we’d love to hear from you.






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Interview on PhotoshopSupport.com

The following read is an interview excerpt between the wonderful team at www.photoshopsupport.com and our very own James Carr-Jones.

What is the story behind Fluid Mask 3?

“We had great reviews and response for Fluid Mask 2. While other masking programs could do certain jobs very well they didn’t have the coverage in depth we had across a range of masking issues – because they were mostly driven by single algorithmic solutions. For instance Corel’s Knockout has a great reputation for smoke and glass – but how often do you mask these? We found we could cover more masking situations than others so in terms of crude percentages we could do more.” [interview in full…]

What’s new in Fluid Mask 3?

“Well we have 3 different kinds of edge transition algorithms or blending besides the simple feather. In fact an updated one will be coming out in the next month or so… and of course current Fluid Mask 3 users will get the upgrade for free. This is so that whatever the image, there is more often than not a blending solution for your problem.

Using Fluid Mask 3 can now more usefully be seen as a process or workflow with a tool kit focussed on that hard to do 10% mentioned above.” [interview in full…]

How does Fluid Mask compare to the new selection features in Photoshop CS3?

“It would be great if the new Quick Select Tool, the new edge feathering features and other features answered all our needs. But they don’t. They’re better but don’t effect really knotty problems like hair masking, complex backgrounds, compression anomalies at edges, lattices, wires etc., etc. and that is what Fluid Mask 3 is designed to tackle.” [interview in full…]

There are some big claims here. Does it do all that, really?

“The answer is yes and no. Yes Fluid Mask does accomplish all the above… but not in all cases. No image editing tool will do everything automatically because some images are just impossible. Like extracting hair detail from a complex background.

The litmus test is: when you are zoomed in at pixel level; if you can see the edge so should the program. What you will find is that mostly you can’t pick out the edge at this level and that is because our eyes and brain construct edges: we fill in the gaps and at this zoom level you see these gaps.” [visit photoshopsupport.com to read full interview]

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Vertus Sponsor Flair Competition

Mark Lesbirel and the CreativeMatch crew are friends of our and we’re very proud to be supporting the UK creative industry. Flair is a monthly industry-recognised competition with great prizes on offer for the winners. It is split into three categories, Illustration, Photography and Viral Marketing (view latest entries). To win the Flair competition you need to be voted the ‘best’ by your industry peers – not only do you get great prizes for winning you get the praise and accolade you deserve from your peers!!

The rules are simple enough – you’ll need a title, description (including an information on client, brief, response, techniques and software used) – plus of course an image (450 pixels wide, saved for web).

Check out the July 07 winners:

Mike Hemsley – Typically English Summer
Alex Paterson – Pirates

Congratulations to both Mike & Alex!
For more information on this competition why not head on over to creativematch.co.uk and join in…

All the best,

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vertus blog’o’sphere

We didn’t want to miss out on all the fun so we’ve have decided to get some blogging action in. We intend to use this medium to post our technical/development news, Fluid Mask tutorials (static and video) sent in by members of the Vertus Team and our customers, plus general photographic / graphic industry news.

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About Vertus

Vertus is the graphics and imaging software division of Heligon, a technology business specializing in image data interpretation. Heligons ground breaking technology uses complexe algorithms to mimic the way the eye and brain perform visual processing so that complex shapes and colors can be recognized with images. Heligon licenses its technology to market leaders in industries including design and graphics, printing and video.

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Vertus is a market leader in creating accessible ways for people to work with digital imagery. We are a propriety leader in image segmentation and matting technology.

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