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Make Your Pictures Pop and Move

If you’re a Mac user and like to make your pictures pop (and move!), then check this out. Developed in conjunction with HDR guru Trey Ratcliff, Aurora is one of the better dedicated dynamic range editors on the market. It’s worth watching the HDR for Black & White and HDR for Portraits tutorials and downloading the free trial to try it for yourself. When used subtly, it’s a technique that can be applied to more than just landscapes and interiors.

Sunglasses an optional extra 😎

Our jury’s still out on .gif style animated images. With the rise of video content, isn’t it time photographs (literally) moved with the times.?. Or do you you lose the essence of a photograph, a moment frozen in time, in doing so. A more pragmatic view would be there’s room for both, and if you’re producing images for commercial online content, the combination of an ideal sky (using Fluid Mask of course!), some added zing with Aurora, and then adding movement with Plotagraph is undoubtedly going to win you clients. Decide for yourself – this deal gives you a 3 month membership.

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What’s the big deal??!!?!

Our friends over at have put together a summer bundle that looks to be the real big deal – over $4,000 of photography resources for a crazy $99! A massive collection of training videos, presets and actions, plus e-books and tutorials from some of the industry’s best – plus some smart savings on software and cloud synced photo storage products (hot tip: check out Athentech’s ‘Perfectly Clear’ Photoshop and Lightroom plugin.. we reckon this deal is worth it’s purchase price for that alone!).


With 20% of total sales going to charity, everybody wins with this big deal – but you’ve got less than 10 days to grab yourself a bargain! Check it out over at

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How Jim LaSala adds value to his photography business with Fluid Mask

We talked to Jim previously in the Vertus blog about how he uses Fluid Mask in the workflow for his fine art photography. This time we’re focussing on the kind of jobs that are a working photographer’s bread and butter. Let’s start with portraiture photography.  Over to Jim;

“…remember the days where we all ran out and bought the latest and greatest backgrounds? Let’s see. There was backgrounds for babies, seniors, engagements, weddings, high key, low key… the list goes on and on. We would spend a fortune just keeping up. So how do we work around that? What are some of the things that we can do to show our creativity. FLUID MASK!!!!!!

Portraiture Photography Cutout - BeforeHere we see a before and after that was shot just using a plain white background. Now, many people will say, well you put it on a background that was easy to mask (we will get to one that was more difficult in a minute). My answer to that is (duh) yeah!!!!! Part of the planning is understand what you want the final image to look like. If I know i’m going to shoot a young model with black hair and a black dress, you better believe I won’t being using a black seamless paper. The idea of masking and montaging is to make your job as easy as possible. Think ahead, pre visualize.”

See how Jim uses Fluid Mask in his commercial portraiture work in his Portrait Backgrounds Video Tutorial.

“My backgrounds are endless. I can go as far as my imagination will take me. “


Portraiture Photography Cutout - After

Here’s another job that Jim’s put Fluid Mask to use on, masking both foreground and background elements from 2 separate images to realise his vision:

20140706_camiolo_miata_006520110905_landscapes_0006“A client who’d just got a new toy (his car), wanted something other than a plain background. So, we went out towards the end of the day and found an empty schoolyard. I used a fisheye lens. Although it is a lens that has so much distortion, I put the subject in the middle of the lens as to lessen this effect. I then went into my background library and was looking for something that would compliment the product as well as tell a story. The camera angle on both subjects works nicely together, and just take note of the transparent areas (windshield), as well as the trees in the second image. The original sky was ok, but I was looking for a bit more drama knowing that I would be turning this image into black and white. So, once again, back into my bag of goodies and pulled out a sky.

20140706_camiolo_miata_0084This was a fun project to work on and would have been very very difficult without having the right tools.”

“The right tool for me is Fluid Mask. Thank you Vertus for a software that has changed the way I do business.”



Thanks to Jim for sharing his work with us, see more at

For a limited period… click here to save 40% and get Fluid Mask for $89

See how far your imagination can take you…

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Explosify Your Workflow!!

rpg_keys_logoWhat are RPG Keys? An award winning programmable custom keyset, compatible with all major image editing software which will drastically speed up your workflow. We’ve got a special deal for Vertus customers, only through this link:      save $48 and get a 60 day trial for just $10!!

What is your time worth to you?  It’s the one thing you’ll never be able to create more of, or claw back.  It’s also finite (you really do ‘spend’ time, so about the most previous commodity we have). The answer for me depends on what I’d doing with that time, and editing and post-processing RAW files does not come high up the list of things I’d like to ‘spend’ my time on. Anything I can do tweaking my workflow to minimise the time spent is a big win as far as I’m concerned, so when I heard about RPG Keys a small lightbulb went on in my head…. It’s now turned into a million watt spotlight! Read more about how RPG Keys works for me below…

What’s the deal? Pay $10 to cover shipping, and you can get the 16 key set on an extended trial for 60 days. You’ve then got the option of continuing to use RPG keys as a subscriber at $19 per month, or buy the keyset outright for $349 (save another $50). There’s no contract, no commitment. If you don’t want to continue using it, just return the keyset after the trial period.

Do the math: I’m saving over 12 hours per month on time spent editing. Signed up on the subscriber model, works out I’m paying $1.47 for every hour I save, and that’s only on simple editing and correction work. I can only imagine what this tool could do for wedding photographers and re-touchers. If someone came to you with the proposition: for every $1.50 you give me, I’ll give you an extra hour in the day, you’d take it, right..?..                   Here you go!!

RPG_Keys002How RPG Keys works for me: A high proportion of my clients are still newspapers and magazines commissioning editorial for print reproduction, so the work they want me to do on the images I deliver is minimal. Adjust exposure and black point / highlights recovery to ensure there’s no clipping in the histogram, tweak shadow / highlight levels , white balance when needed and I’m done.

Despite that, Even the smaller jobs call for 2 or 3 hours editing, doing the minimal adjustments that the delivery spec’ calls for. I was already using the key command short cuts within Aperture, my primary image editing software, and had further customised within the ‘commands’ menu. But it’s the ability to change a slider adjustment value (with a choice of 3 different increments, using the option buttons) with just one press of a button, that’s really sped things up. No more dragging sliders!

It took less than an hour setting up the keypad – assigning functions and slider values to the keys, straight from the RPG presets. Then tweaking that and re-arranging the keys (which handily just pop off, so no need for a second set of blanks). I now have a key-set customised exactly to how I want it. As with any change, takes a bit of getting used to, and perhaps slowed me down initially but it was worth persevering.
I now find myself ‘touch typing’ my way around the 16 key set and have cut my editing time by about one third, and that’s with just about as basic a setup on my keys as you can get. I haven’t even begun to explore the full functionality that RPG Keys offers – programming macros, actions,  etc. If you’re doing more complicated work in Photoshop (more retouching than just correction), I can see that the efficiency saving that could be made using the bigger keyset could be seriously (work)life transforming.

For me, RPG Keys is a no-brainer. I’m working smarter not harder and saving at least 3 hours a week for 48 weeks a year…  that’s nearly an entire working month I now have free to do whatever I want to be doing… which is currently spending time with the new arrivals in my family, and that time is priceless….                  ~ Sam Friedrich,

Check out the RPG Keys demo’ on YouTube

Try the KeySet on a 60 day risk free trial for $10


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The holy grail of camera attachment systems..?

Get 10% off any order over $20 at Peak Design by using coupon code: pdvertus.

Camera Straps. I’ve never been a big fan of the ‘standard issue‘ that comes with my Canon DSLRS’s. Does the job, but often too garish for my liking, there’s times when I’m trying to be unobtrusive, they scream ‘expensive camera gear’, and having spent many thousands on their lenses and cameras, they’d have to pay me if they want me to advertise for them (Canon, I’m open to offers).

Then there’s other specialist companies making camera straps, and I’ve tried a fair few of these. Their selling point is comfort. They’re both wider and thicker to achieve this and also will have some elasticated ‘give’ in the strap. For me that’s also their downfall. Even just walking at a brisk pace tends to start a bounce going within the strap, encouraged by the weight of your camera (worse when you’ve a zoom attached). I tend to carry a camera over one shoulder (so I can carry two), but end result is the camera bouncing off my shoulder, unless I catch it as it goes. Not good! (Can I also not recommend not using metal rings to attach straps to the camera body. Been there, done that, and have the erosion marks etched into the body of a 5dMK1 to tell the tale).

So it’s been a bit like a quest for the holy grail, (or the perfect camera bag, but that’s another, far longer story).. you know it’s out there.. somewhere… well that search maybe over.. Ladies & Gentleman, I give you… Peak Design 

I first came across their products on Kickstarter back in December 2012, looking for a hand leash for my Sony NEX-7 (above). I liked the look of the whole system enough to go for the complete bundle: cuff, leash and capture clip. The whole strap system is built around their anchor points (below, on a DSLR), a quick release system that actually works, removing the fear of accidentally unclipping mid-use which under tension, the old style rucksack buckles are prone to (this has also happened to me previously. Also, not good. At all).

Peak Design Anchor System

This is complimented by their Capture Clip, a reliable quick release system to keep their camera secure but at hand locked to your belt/ rucksack/ wherever.  I don’t do much shooting in extreme conditions, but good design realised using quality materials makes this the only strap and stow system I’ll ever need. For me, mission accomplished. Now I just need to find the perfect camera bag…

~ Sam Friedrich, professional photographer.  

The good folks at Peak Design are offering Vertus customers a deal. There’s a 10% discount on any order over $20 waiting for you by using coupon code: pdvertus at their checkout.

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Save 25% at the LayerCake Store

If your picture’s missing a little something.. then LayerCake might be the answer. We’re a big fan of their skies collection (see the top of this page!) but their drag and drop elements are what can really rescue an image –

LayerCake are offering Vertus Users 25% of EVERYTHING in their online store                            Use coupon code: VERTUSNEWS (case sensitive), deal ends 04/01

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Vertus / DxO Bundle Ending this Sunday 14th October

Only a few days left to get the most out of your photos by creating high quality digital compositions easily and fast

Dear Photographers,

October 14th is coming round fast and this means there are only a few days left to benefit from these amazing bundles we’re offering with DxO Labs.

We know that making quick masking selections and correcting optical defects in photographs can take forever and sometimes (OK, mostly!) the end results are not exactly what we set out to achieve.

If you would like to add realistic film effects, correct optical defects and apply professional masks to your photography all at the click of the mouse then this offer is just for you!

We have put together 3 bundles to suit your needs:

Fluid Mask 3 + DxO Optics Pro Standard
You save $109!

Fluid Mask 3 + DxO Optics Pro Elite
You save $139!

Fluid Mask 3 + DxO FilmPack
You save $109!

Over 20% Discount Guaranteed!

20% Discount Guaranteed

Learn more >>>

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Vertus & DxO join forces…

For all photographers…

We’ve teamed up with the amazing DxO Labs to bundle together our Fluid Mask 3 with DxO Optics Pro (Standard & Elite) & FilmPack.

We’ve seen a great response to this promotion already and with so many of you opting for these bundles I thought it would be good to comment on how our award winning software could be used together.

Fluid Mask 3 with Optics Pro (Standard & Elite)

You would use Optics Pro to correct your photographs before applying your masks with Fluid Mask. DxO Optics Pro allows users t perform batch enhancements of their digital images eliminating distortions, optimizing exposure, dynamic range, and correcting noise (to name just few corrections) in a few clicks of the mouse. This bundle is an awesome time saver that delivers impossible results!

Here are some of the key features:

DxO Optics Pro: Fluid Mask 3.0.2:

Fluid Mask 3 with DxO FilmPack

If you want to add excellent ‘old school’ film effects to your digital compositions then FilmPack is the application for you. It allows users to mimic the style and grain of the most celebrated conventional films, by reproducing the aesthetic properties of these film types and applying them with a single click. Apply this to your final composition and see your digital images take on a new life – with a click of the mouse.

DxO FilmPack: Fluid Mask 3.0.2:

For more information on this offer check out

I hope these products will help to improve your digital workflow – enjoy!


ps. these bundles are available until Oct 14th

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