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Adobe Announces Photography Program; CC ‘lite’

Adobe Photography ProgramAdobe announced this package today at the Photoshop World conference in Las Vegas. Until the end of 2013, if you already own a licence for CS3 and upwards, you can subscribe to this lite version of their Creative Cloud, aimed specifically at Photographers.. we’re guessing many of whom who were unwilling to move to a subscription model, have already shelled out for a perpetual licence to CS6? Still, not a bad deal!


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Anybody still using Kodachrome..??

If you are, hope your fridge is well stocked with supplies, because Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry has just shot the last roll ever produced!!

Here’s an interesting video on documenting this… we’ll admit to initially scrolling to the end to see the last ever frame.. but worth a watch for insights into McCurry’s shooting methodology

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How to win (and lose) a National Geographic Photo Contest

“This is the story of how you can climb to the highest photographic peak and fall in only 72 hours. And why you should carefully read the rules of a contest…”
Seasoned  Travel Photographer Harry Fisch entered this image into the places category of National Geographics 2012 Photo Contest and was delighted to be find out he’d taken 1st palce…only to be disqualified after sending in the original file – for photoshopping out a plastic bag from the far right of frame.

The ‘winning’ image…

and the original capture…

Would leaving the pastic bag in have changed National Geographic’s judgement of the image? Probably not… but rules are rules.. remember to read them carefully when submitting images to competitions!!

Read more about this on Harry’s blog here: ,  and see more of his work or join him on one of his travel photography expeditions here:

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Fluid Mask 3 Update Released

A free update is available for all Fluid Mask users, version 3.2.5. You can download this here.

This version fixes a CS6 compatibility issue that prevented 64bit PC users from installing Fluid Mask as a Photoshop CS6 plug-in, and automates the process for all users, and ensures Windows8 compatibility.

Show Object Edges. After feedback from our Fluid Mask User Questionnaire, ‘show object edges’ now remains in its user defined state when switching between source/workspace/cutout, rather than defaulting to ‘on’. You can manually switch on or off by ticking or unticking the box, or use the shortcut, Function Key F2. Please note upon initial launch, you may find this box unticked, so you need to turn it on to see your object edges (with current Edge Finding settings). The User Questionnaire is ongoing, and we welcome any feedback from our customers to better understand your needs for future product development.

Aspects of our licencing structure are also updated. Please note that upon the initial install, some customers may need to contact for a one time licence reset, or follow the automated update instructions provided by Nalpeiron, our licensing provider. If your computer is not connected to the internet, you will also need to follow the instructions for manual license activation. Go to ‘Help’ -> ‘License..’ -> ‘Advanced Options’ in the Fluid Mask toolbar, click the ‘Manual License Activation’ tab and follow the instructions there.

Should you experience any problems please contact our support department.

A Very Happy Holidays from all at Vertus HQ!!

(Re)touching lives through photos

You know how photos and albums are always at the top of any list of ‘what would you grab from your home in the event of a fire?’, well imagine that on a national scale.

Here’s a TED talk worth 10 minutes of anybodys time. Becci Manson is a professional photo retoucher based in NYC. She tells the story of how volunteering in the clean up after the 2011 Japanese earthquake and Tsunami, led to her and local volunteers, together with a global army of over 500 colleagues she recruited online, cleaning and fixing lost and damaged photos found in the wreckage, restoring those memories to their owners.

“[Photos are] our memory-keepers and our histories, the last thing we would grab [in a crisis], and the first thing you’d go back to look for.” (Becci Manson)

Truly inspirational.

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