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Project: Vase - Mary Evans - Drei Katzen Media -

Comment: I started out using the delete local to remove the background. I then used the library of great looking backgrounds to add this sunset effect. I tried to find a background that would play up the colors in the vase and I really think this one did the trick!

I then resized the photo to one of the auction size presets to eBay, used the sharpening tool to bring out the writing underneath the fruit design. I did not use shadow due to the sunlight coming from behind the vase in the background picture. I inserted my logo and saved. The complete process was less than 10min. In our business of online auctions, we can’t afford to spend a lot of time on any step in the process…Bling! it won again!

This vase was only at auction for 1 day before I received the first bid!

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