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Project: Trinkets - Rina Mizrahi-Varon –

Comment: This International Trinket Box Gift Set has been sitting in my eBay store without attracting much attention. Before removing it from my product inventory, I decided to give the listing a "holiday makeover" and see if I could capture some holiday sales. As you can see, the original item was photographed against a boring plain background. As this Trinket Box Set is perfect for travel lovers, I wanted to enhance the product's international and global travel association by adding a background with more character. I carefully removed the old background using a combination of the delete local brush, erase exact brush, and delete exact brush. I used the blend exact brush to soften the edges. I then went to compose picture and uploaded a photo of an retro and vintage international travel stickers. After carefully placing and resizing the image using the image set mode, I utilized the preset eBay image mode. I then compressed the image background using the background compression mode. The results are amazing and exactly what I envisioned. The overall effect had a retro, vintage, artistic flair. It is a dramatic improvement and was far easier to execute than I would have expected.

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