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Best of the web – Digital Artists

We’re back, with the first in an occasional but regular look at digital image makers and artists who inspire us.

Natalie Dybisz is better know as her alter-ego Miss Aniela, a self taught fine art photographer based in London, England. With over 5.5 million views and counting of her Flickr Site, she is testament to the power of the internet to bring fresh talent to the worlds notice. In the tradition of the artist turning their gaze inwards, she started her career concentrating on self portraiture but with a modern twist – using composite images, with post production and image manipulation an integral part of the process,  to create often surreal, always interesting and arresting self portraits –

“Self-portraiture has been my passion in photography and is the reason why I got into the art”

Reverie (2008). “Resembles how I felt the other day, when I let the events of the  24 hours glide past me in a day-long reverie.”


Tentilla (2011). “I wanted to shoot something in my garden before the electric autumn colours of the plants subside, but little did I know I would become my own electric plant. I knew the picture was going in a surreal direction, and it took on many forms as I worked on it. On a whim I masked out the top half of my body, and it became a much more powerful shape, the tentacles spoke to me and that was it.”

 Imaging software and masking is just another tool, (like a camera), in the creation of  Miss Aniela’s work, but it’s integral to her creative process –

 “I like the complete independence and control you get with using a digital camera, Photoshop and yourself as a model.”

Their evening banter (2008). “This composite, more than ever, epitomises my general boredom with single shots, here being a complexly-woven society of six clones (five full bodies, but also the ‘one that got away’) trying to emulate the dinner scene in the painting on the wall…. definitely of one my proudest, if not the proudest, composite of mine..”

 “I am an ‘amateur’ who became pro, not through formal training but through sheer curiosity and passion alone. It is a great reward to be able to inspire other people to try the same.”

Miss Aniela is now teaching others, offering workshops in the UK for fashion orientated photography, here’s an image reminiscent of her previous work, and see a video from the day.

You can see more of Miss Aniela’s images on her website and flickr site. We hope that her work will inspire Fluid Mask users, with their creative hats on, to explore the limitless possibilities that digital post production allows.

All images © Miss Aniela, reproduced with kind permission.

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