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Vertus & DxO join forces…

For all photographers…

We’ve teamed up with the amazing DxO Labs to bundle together our Fluid Mask 3 with DxO Optics Pro (Standard & Elite) & FilmPack.

We’ve seen a great response to this promotion already and with so many of you opting for these bundles I thought it would be good to comment on how our award winning software could be used together.

Fluid Mask 3 with Optics Pro (Standard & Elite)

You would use Optics Pro to correct your photographs before applying your masks with Fluid Mask. DxO Optics Pro allows users t perform batch enhancements of their digital images eliminating distortions, optimizing exposure, dynamic range, and correcting noise (to name just few corrections) in a few clicks of the mouse. This bundle is an awesome time saver that delivers impossible results!

Here are some of the key features:

DxO Optics Pro: Fluid Mask 3.0.2:

Fluid Mask 3 with DxO FilmPack

If you want to add excellent ‘old school’ film effects to your digital compositions then FilmPack is the application for you. It allows users to mimic the style and grain of the most celebrated conventional films, by reproducing the aesthetic properties of these film types and applying them with a single click. Apply this to your final composition and see your digital images take on a new life – with a click of the mouse.

DxO FilmPack: Fluid Mask 3.0.2:

For more information on this offer check out

I hope these products will help to improve your digital workflow – enjoy!


ps. these bundles are available until Oct 14th

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