Our Top Retouched Images

Sometimes they can be funny, sometimes thought provoking, other times they just mess with your mind. They’ll always take your breath away though and make you wonder at the skills of the people that created them. The following images are our favourite manipulated images. If you’ve seen better we’d love to hear from you.







Photoshop Talent
Devotion Graphics

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316 thoughts on “Our Top Retouched Images

  1. These are just amazing. I can’t even fathom the hard work that went in to those pictures.

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  3. Wow! These pictures are great! I really love the one of the head with the different faces around it. Makes you think.

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  6. I thank GOD almighty for allowing to stumble upon this site which has given me a GREAT uplift of appreciation of all that IS BEAUTIFULL in this world and these works of Art should rest in Peace in every humanbeing connected to the electronic SuperHighway called INTERNET.

    Bless All Those Who have made this Site Possible.

    Gilles Lavigueur

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  8. The angry apple one is amazing. some of these are really great images, you should be proud.

  9. Very nice work. You should be seen! Then discovered. My profile gets 300k member views per month. Pretty nice place to publish yourself.

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  12. very nice shoops, i’d love some of these as a print… put em up on my wall in the hallway

    though, i think the simpsons one is completely out of place… you have all these cool artistic photoshop images and then you have this Simpsons poster that isn’t all that well done

  13. I think they are a really great collection of paintings,photo’s etc.I would love to be as talented as you. Cheers Janice…

  14. who is the artist that created the woman and horse photo? please help, I love this piece and would buy it if it was for sale. thanks :)

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  16. As a fellow PhotoShopper, I was very intrigued by these photos. I can see how some of this really took a long time.

    It just makes me think of all the zoomed In erasing Required to get these people by themselves, and also the Reflections on a Flooded Street. If that is photoshopping… man… I can only imagine how long that actually took.

  17. Not all of those are Photoshop. The frog and about 5 others are impressive. Most are just more of the same old thing.

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  19. “Most of these are really good, I don’t like some of them though.”

    Thank-you for your wonderful comment.

    Also, I must say as others have so kindly pointed out to me on my adventures throughout cyberspace:

    photoshopped! these are all totally photoshopped!

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  21. Este no es exactamente mi website porque el verdadero lo estamos diseñando. Pero como artista plastico del surrealismo fantastico que soy, me interesa todo lo relacionado con la creatividad y todas estas fotocomposiciones me parecen fabulosas y de una creatividad impresionante. Felicitaciones.

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  24. Those of you who dismiss Image 20 as “just a Terragen/3D-Model render” with the imputation that this picture lacks artistic merit, obviously have zero experience with these applications. Images such as this represent many hours of creative work in a completely different skillset to those who use Photoshop. It’s not just a matter of “generate landscape and click render”. It’s digital 3D sculpting, in which not only the form of the landscape is modelled, but the application and positioning of textures and objects,and setting up the lighting and cameras. In essence, a 3D modeller is not just a painter and sculptor, he is also a stage and set designer, lighting technician and cameraman. So don’t dismiss this form of art. It’s every bit as challenging and skilled as working with a paint package.

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  26. I think this is fantastic.
    Я хочу сказать всем вам спасибо!:))
    Картинки прекрасные!

  27. These images are fantastic. As a photography student who has been studying and working with photoshop i can appreciate all the work that went into these. Bravo

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  29. Myself being a graphic designer, really ,oved all the artworks….specially the multiface character….has really inspired me to try something similar myself…..

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  31. Yup, several of these had nothing to do with Photoshop, except of course using it to reduce resolution and save to compressed format. I see at least one physical model, at least one rendering from Blender or a similar 3D modeller, and at least one made in a vector editor.

    But of course, the whole point is to promote the Adobe marketing gimming of using Photoshop[TM] as a verb. Since there’s nothing special or unique
    about Photoshop[TM], it may be necessary to cheat a little to differentiate the brand.

  32. Thought this was awesome – some disturbing. How clever some people are, and would be wonderful to have all that time to muck around with this stuff.

  33. I can’t believe how many people pointed out which ones were not “real”. Do they not have anything better to do than say something bad? I mean these pictures are great – even if some of them were not strictly photoshop. Jeez.

    Thanks for posting them.

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  36. The one of the girl laying down in the neighborhood isn’t photoshopped. There is a whole series of this girl laying in the middle of a miniature town.
    The rest are great! Is that Jim Carrey and Hillary Clinton doing ballet?

  37. I don’t believe the one with the big girl in the small village was photoshop. I saw awhole series of the. They just built a mini- town.

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  41. These are fantastic. What imagination ane buckets of talent. would luv a peep inside their mind. excellent job to each and everyone of these artists. pls keep it up, keeps not so talented people like myself dreamimg.

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  45. Yup, several of these had nothing to do with Photoshop, except of course using it to reduce resolution and save to compressed format. I see at least one physical model, at least one rendering from Blender or a similar 3D modeller, and at least one made in a vector editor.

    But of course, the whole point is to promote the Adobe marketing gimming of using Photoshop[TM] as a verb. Since there’s nothing special or unique
    about Photoshop[TM], it may be necessary to cheat a little to differentiate the brand.


  46. I second what TJ said. The woman with the small houses was a set that was built by the photographer.

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  48. Great stuff but the one with the lady surrounded by small buildings is not photoshopped

  49. This might have been mentioned before, but the simpsons rendition of the classic portrait looked like it was done by a 14 year old with some crayola’s

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  51. Wonderful. I have found people that I consider artists of the age. I even love the childish comments for they are here and may one day create something. Keep the soul creative! Steve in Oceanside, California Photoshop & Illustrator devotee since Adobe made it happen.

  52. The Simpsons one is bad. Could have done that on MS Paint. Other than that, its all really amazing.

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  54. the one of the “giant” girl laying down with the broken eggs isn’t a photoshop. its part of a series using all miniatures.

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  56. most of these are pretty interesting, but i want to point out that the one of the giant teenager passed out in the middle of town is not photoshopped. There are actually a series of these types of pictures, and each one is made with the use of a small model town; which is kind of amazing in its own right.

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  58. those were really cool, but i didnt understand some… they just seemed like regular pictures…

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  64. Brilliant pictures except the Simpsons one. Its blatently done by some crappy paint work. Not that impressive.

  65. These were off the wall!! I am amazed and utterly in awe of the people that created them. Kudos to you and keep up the fun work. Maybe one day I might even learn it (not). Thanks bunches.

  66. The woman who fell with the eggs is a real photo. She is lying in the middle of miniature house models.
    The air balloon one is a painting. The 2 after it are done in 3d modeling software… and the 2 after that are just stupid.
    The woman with the child is an original photo as well – all the did is mess with colours (same goes for the picture with the pearcing).
    really when all you do is change colours and overexpose the picture… bad top 40 list

  67. The picture, with the girl sitting in the middle of those buildings is not photoshopped. all the buildings are actually small, they are not real, and they are made by a photographer who specializes in pictures like that

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  69. They all look great…one thing though…the one of the “big” woman lying in the street is not shopped, but done with miniature building models. Can’t quite remember they guy’s name that does the miniature model photos, but thats like, his bag.

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  72. Simply amazing. They do seem to degrade towards the end but nonetheless a fantastic list. Paris Hilton and the zebra is amusing. My favourite would have to be the one of a mouth made into a face. :)

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  74. Wow!

    10 International class


    10 fairly mediocre ones…

    Why is the wet-look guy and chick here? Sorry, it is in fact bad fart cheesy enough to have been on a poster from the 70s.

    Among the few innovative, and, extremely well done were the poison frog peel (my #1), the triple faced shouter, and the painted tainted girl!

    Some look like made in a 3D program rather than in Photoshop, like the moon over the mountain top landscape at a lake.

    Still, most were

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  76. The one with the teen girl laying in the village is not photoshopped. It is an art peice done with a girl laying in a “tiny town”

    Just saying.

  77. About half of those photos weren’t photoshopped. For example, the girl lying in the middle of the tiny houses, was a shot of a model in a miniature village. I’ve seen the website of the photographer who took it!

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  81. The model with the seemingly small houses has not been photoshopped if one takes the discrepancy with the sizes into account. It was merely shot in a “miniature land”.

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  86. ATTN: Actually the picture with the girl in the middle of the neighborhood is REAL! There is a contest everywhere overseas that deals with miniatures, especially cities and buildings. Check it out, its true.

  87. Is that Milla Jovovich in the last one, carrying the baby with her mouth? That is so hot.

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  90. Wow! Some great pictures there – will be sharing this page with loads of friends!
    I love that cauliflower sheep and the hot air indoors!

  91. The one with the big girl lying in the street isn’t photoshopped, she’s in a miniature town.

  92. The one of the girl laying in the town isn’t actually photoshop. That is an artist who makes models of towns and then has people interact with them. I can’t remember her name though.

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  94. Annoying that some people take one picture from 40 and starting to criticize ..its so foolish!
    All the pics was very nice! thanks!

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  96. I suggest you do some better research and start giving artists credit when you include their images on your little blog. Some of the pictures you’ve printed absolutely are not ‘photoshopped’ in the least. Some of them are honest photographs and some of them are paintings — and in both cases, I doubt the artist appreciates your republishing them incorrectly and without giving them credit.

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  98. Some are really good! But others, like the one with the big girl lying on the suburban street is just a photography trick – if you look at the trees it becomes obvious that the girl is lying in a model village…
    Nice collection tho! :)

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  102. As far as I know the photo with the girl who has fallen with the eggs is not photoshopped. The photographer makes miniature landscapes and uses models to give them a larger than life appearance. I’ve seen them somewhere but do not recall who the photographer is… If I had the information I would post it.

  103. #15 is NOT a photoshop job. They built a small scale town for that shoot. Get your facts straight… I was gonna say the same thing. and add the orange frog is my fav, while about half of these are subpar photoshop skills

  104. The image of the girl laying in the neighborhood is not photoshoppped at all. Please do some research before posting images

  105. Hello. Someone was kind enough to inform me that you were using one of my images here (the x-ray). In the future, it would be nice if you asked the artists’ permission before using their work. I would have granted it. It would have also been nice to have been given credit for it. If anyone is interested, it was originally created for
    this Fark contest.
    (apologies if this message gets duplicated – the first time I posted it, it didn’t appear)

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  108. Anyone know if the balloon-in-a-room image is available in a larger resolution? That one is fantastic.

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  110. Is it that hard to credit artists for their work and post sources that don’t all link to the same page?

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  113. Some of these are great, but some of them really aren’t impressive. So somebody can cut and paste or use a filter. Whoopie. I think this collection needs trimmed a little.

  114. Not bad, seen better for sure. Couple of these arn’t really photoshopped, though.
    If I’m not mistaken, #15 was a sculpture.

  115. Nice but the one with the large girl and small houses is real. I read that the photographer has mini sets built for her.

  116. Haha, FAKE! Seriously, #57 is right, that one with the girl in the mini town was done by an artist who built a little town and took photos of women in said small town. It was pretty cool, actually, cant remember where I saw it but still..

    My favourites: The frog, the glass of water and the paint dress, very cool.

  117. I didn’t like a few of them, especially the disturbing ones, but I liked most of the others, even the ones with zebras and horses. It would have been nicer with a few more kittens, but as one writer said they sure take your breath away, and the coolness of human creativity and impressive photo art shopping and generous sharing of the glistening shiny unpolishable results will remain forever with all of us in our minds and our hearts and our souls even.

  118. the cows on the beach are real… go to the west coast of ireland!!
    the water is very cold but clear thanks to the white sand.

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  122. That is sick! I loved almost all of them. There were a few that were avergae, but overall, f**k SICK!

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  124. Unfortaunatly, this list has none of meowza’s (of worth1000) work, making it incomplete.

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  127. The picture with the girl laying in the middle of a suburb is not photoshopped. It’s a model replica and she’s laying in the middle. I’ve seen it before, and they had other photos. But the rest are really good.

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  129. Amazing

    FYI: The one with the lady laying in the middle of a neighborhood like she’s a giant (15th down) isn’t photoshoped, its an actual picture by an artist who did a bunch of similar works using models.

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  131. To me these are awsome. I have photoshop and am lucky if I can take out the red eye. I have to admit, the one with Hillary as a ballarina made me laugh out loud,and I’m supposed to be working.

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  135. Hy!

    Ich saw this page and got breathless!

    Is it possible to get these pictures digital, like in their full size? (Im not from this business)

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  137. The one with the girl lying on the town with the eggs isn’t shopped (to any great degree, maybe colour tweaking). It is from a series.

  138. Actually the one with the cows in the beach is actually not photoshop. That picture was taken in Venezuela, where a large cargo boat capsized at sea carrying cows. Most of them ended up in the Venezuela island of Los Roques. Amazing, but true.

  139. whoa… some are awesome, some i don’t think i’d classify in the top 40…

    Anyone heard of Photoshop guru Ciro Marchetti? that guy’s awesome– http://www.ciromarchetti.com

    the one that got the most attention from me is the woman pouring paint down her back into a dress… that’s gorgeous…


  140. the one with the “large” woman among the houses wasn’t a photoshop! i read an article about that… there’s some artist who photographs women posing with “mini” scenes!

  141. #15 is NOT a photoshop job. They built a small scale town for that shoot. Get your facts straight…

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  144. Human creativity and Imaging Software like PhotoShop blends together in producing impressive art works ever known to humankind.

  145. You didn’t ask Worth1000 or its artists before featuring these. I’m glad you liked them enough to post them and credit them, but you should have asked for permission first.

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  147. Amazing work, but some of these are just 3d. WTF.

    Also slight problem with the comment box here, since it leaves the previous poster’s info right there for me to use.

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  151. This is a joke, right?

    90% of these photos are terribly shopped, i noticed 2 that are obviously purebred Bryce – having no photoshopping done at all. most of this is garbage that someone with 50 hours photoshop experience should be able to pull off flawlessly. this is a fail, and I was greatly disappointed.

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  155. Anyone have a link to the first image on worth1000, the one with the scorpion-creature in the iceburg?

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  160. It doesn’t take much to do a version of The Simpsons as American Gothic, and one of those is a fairly normal Terragen render, but the rest of these images were fantastic! Those two didn’t really fit in at all though.

  161. Most of these are fantastic, but some (like the Simpsons one) are amateurish and disappointing.

  162. Absolutely loving the Orange-frog and the Horse-hair ones. Not to say the rest aren’t great thought!

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  167. That’s so amazing. The woman with the paint’s a huge success with me, and the castle. Works of art, and a few that’re just disturbing…

  168. I’m no expert in photoshop. Getting rid of red eye is an achievement worthy of a party.
    These are awesome.